In the early 1980's the Sacred Heart Parish Council took a decision to provide a proper Community Centre for the parish. Prior to this the parish centre was an old tin shed that was located on the grounds of the Ursuline Convent. The decision was made easy for the committee when the centre at the Ursuline Convent was maliciously burned down in 1982.

Having investigated the needs of the community, the committee agreed a plan for the centre and then enlisted the support of Fas in the construction of the building.  Work on the construction of the centre commenced in 1984, under a scheme aimed at providing work for redundant apprentices and craft-persons.  The construction phase of the project lasted for two and a half years.  In late 1986 the centre was opened to the public.  The facility was called after the late John Butler, who had been chairperson of the parish council and one of the key drivers of the project.  

The community of the Sacred Heart Parish has undergone a major change since the Butler Community Centre was constructed. In 1986 the population of the area was approximately 7,000 persons, and this was a stable community. In the past decade there has been a wave of building in the area. The population of the area is now in excess of 11,000 persons, and is likely to grow considerably more over the coming years. Much of the new housing provided has been of the "Social" type, and this has created new needs in the community. This has meant that the services that the Butler Community Centre now provides are much different from what was needed when the centre first opened.

The cost of construction of the centre was approximately €1 million  (£670,000).  Prior to work commencing on  this project the community had €250,000 collected for the work.  The remaining €750,000 was borrowed from the bank.  It took the next twelve years to clear this debt and the interest associated with it.  One hundred percent of this money was contributed by the local community.  Due to the heavy borrowing needed to construct the centre, there was little funds available for the fitting out of the centre or for the marketing of it.  In the early stages of the facility, the financial position was very precarious, and at times there were doubts if the centre would survive.  Due to the support of FAS through the Community Employment Scheme and the Social Economy Programme, the centre has developed and now performs a very important role in the community.
In September 2004 the Board Of Management approved the construction of the All-Weather Pitches. Construction began in November 2004 and were opened in February 2005 at a cost of €185,000. Official opening was performed by Martin Cullen T.D., Minister for Transport. 
In January 2006 the Social Economy Programme was disbanded and the Community Services Programme was launched. Butler Community Centre transferred to this Programme, which is administered by Pobal on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development. Without the support of the Local Community, Fas and Pobal, the Butler Community Centre would not have survived. We thank all involved and look forward to providing a Community Centre, second to none, for the benefit of our Local Community for many years to come.

The Butler Community Centre is incorporated as a "Company Limited By Guarantee" and has Charitable Status. Charity No. CHY15120. CRA No. 20051341.
There are three Directors of the Company, namely: Fr. Gerard Chestnutt, Nicholas Furlong and Patrick Murray.  Company Secretary is Denis Kirwan.
Butler Community Centre CLG manages and operates the Butler Community Centre on behalf of the Sacred Heart Parish - www.sacredheartparishwaterford.com - by Lease Agreement.

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The Butler Community Centre is incorporated as a "Company Limited By Guarantee" and has Charitable Status.

Charity No. CHY15120.

CRA No. 20051341

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